Chapter 2 , The Seas of Change



Follow or Make Your Path

Concerning Avanette, she has a close friend, Peter whom I have not met as yet. Nor do I have any idea from whence he came to be. Mental note to myself I thought, check out Peter for Avanettes sake.

When I was out discovering the beauty of the planet by the shores of it’s seas bordering the absolute beauty of it’s forest with it’s rich vibrant tones of autumn almost year round , and a small resort type cabin that had been left buy some other entity between the two, that’s when it came slowly traversing the terrain, a small travel bus like an old yellow modified school bus with a smokestack on it`s tail end. On it were Peter and Avanette.

She came out first, smiling running at me with her laughing hair blowing in the breeze. Months before I had sent her a set of shells carved like two fish swimming at each other and their lips intertwined at the center. I could not remember what I had written her, only that it must have been how I was dealing with my loneliness, and she must have been here to let me know I was not alone.

It was though I was facing a dilemma within my self.

The love of the sea, or the beauty of the woodlands. Love is a choice, you choose. Sometimes wisely sometimes from desperation. But she was there for either, that showed her love as well as her heart.

Peter remained on the bus for awhile, he knew something was up. He finally departed the old bus, I could see him and yet feel his sadness within from the look upon his brow and his thin yellowish tanned skinned chin , he was deeply in love with her as well. I was older than the both of them, no need for me to be here I thought. Did this all stem from a dream I thought. It must have been , or why, for what ever reason would I feel like this.

Avenette, wanted to go back to earth to find her roots, no sense in blocking that path , we all have a desire to know from whence we came, even though I had no vision on how to leave this planet at the moment, I think our age was the key that bonded us, together yet far apart. My guilt was forcing me to make the right choice, for dealing with my loneliness has become a chore. Pete was a good young man, he had the stamina for survival and the heart of a lion and smart as a whip, his forte was astro electronics but he liked to dable in other things as well. After cordial familiar hugs and hellos we walked back to the cabin, then ventured out to the wood. The canopy was high and mighty, the forest must have been eight stories tall and a high translucent ice dome miles above that. The dome must have acted like a magnifier that increased the sun’s rays for warmth beneath, but just in spots, the thicker the dome, the less heat.

Peter and Avanette ventured upon the many trails together while I started my walk back to the cabin, there was something I had to do.

Upon reaching the cabin I grabbed an old newspaper that was laying inside on the counter left by come one a long time ago. I started to write Peter a note….

Peter,  you know the feeling you get when you come upon the beauty of a forest or the sands of the seas. As though you had never been there before yet the feeling you have deep inside is so intense . So is that feeling for me and for you. Both the same , our feelings for Avanette, yet there is one distinguishing factor, your age and mine, yet i knew my feelings were closer to being that of a father the more I thought of it. This had happened to me once before on earth, I made a choice and lived with it until she died, my wife Joanne was a good and giving soul to all but she is gone now and thats in the past. So now it is your choice, do you go for her or not? You choose, by God you grab on with both hands and don’t let go. If you Love her that’s what you do. Throw all your it’s,  ands, or buts to the side.

Just then they both walked in, I walked over by Peter and grabbed his arm and went down below the cabins porch, pulling him along. Then I told him. I have seen the look in your eyes for Avanette, I have seen the sadness and the joy within you, take my advise , if you Love her you grab on with both hands and tell her, take her away from me, I will come find you. I have the wood and seas as my love now, take her back to where you were both happy. She will get over missing me until I find a way back to earth for us all. I let him go and walked back into the wood. For I feel myself as an explorer and there was much more to find and deal with. Off I went into the forest with a forever thought going through my head about Pete and Avanette. I must have traveled  several miles and started to notice a change in the terrain.

More rocky outcrops. Many with ice clinging to them.  The streams were appearing to have more and more frost and ice coverage but the air temperature doesn’t seem to have changed. I stopped and tested the water temperature, it was reading below 22 degrees F. , then i checked the ground temp. It was falling as well. Something odd was happening . How does the ground and water temperatures fall when the air was a pleasant 65 or so degrees. The further away I walked fom the water and into the forest the colder the ground and water in the streams, and more and more streams were being sighted.

I soon became a little disoriented,  the air seemed to be getting thinner. Thinking unto myself, I knew the elevation grade was so ever slight so that should not be a problem. But after all I was not on earth. Think out of the box Tom, I thought, I had reached into my back pack and found a recumbent breather. I put on the mask and was fine. Up ahead there seemed to be a cloud of sort, it gave off a color glow, like a baby blue phosphorescent,  gas I thought? It was thick as mud,but I kept pushing on. After going for about a hundred yards it became thinner and thinner it opened up to a bright green meadow of very slight rolling hills going every which way. As i strolled through the fields i was seeing many various forms of flora, colors unlike i had never seen,  many sweet scents my nostrils picked up from Jasmine ginger to honeysuckle wine.  My ears started picking up  strange sounds like a form of music. Off in the distance was a large log cabin type structure. I cautiously headed to it. I could hear people laughing and having fun. I walked up the stairs. Unpronounced to me , I was hearing voices and music. I saw no band, just a jukebox in the corner. There were no people to be seen but voices were flowing through the air like they were all around. I walked over to my left and leaned out one of the windows, then i just stared out upon something i never had seen. Up in the sky was a huge greyish green planet slowly turning but remaining in place. The globe was encircled by one blue ring and one maroon colored ring. Close to that globe was a secondary one, singular with no rings and not much color, much like a moon of sorts. I turned excitedly to tell someone but no one was there.

I remained at the window, staying relaxed i gazed upon a downward slope of grass that swept down to some benches and a set of swings, there i saw a woman with long black hair in a large bonnet and a long spring dress covered in a floral pattern. I decided to take a stroll to introduce myself. I said “hello”, she turned quite startled. She replied hello back. She stated that she to had heard the voices but saw no bodies, bewildered she walked down to the bench. I said calmly, I am sorry let me introduce myself. My name is Tom Chaney, and yours? She spoke and and said with a smile , my name is Charice. I brought my daughters here to the swings to enjoy the peacefulness amongst the willow trees and swings. Up in one of the willow trees was a tree camp, sturdy but unkempt. One of her children were up in it while the other young lady swang on the swings. They were beautiful young ladies in their sunday go to meeting dresses. As I spoke more with Charice she further explained that she had no idea how they came to be upon this planet. She snickered , last she remembered they were in the State of Idaho on a dampish day when her and the girls were playing badminton and a large funnel cloud enveloped them, but did no harm to them. She said it was a warm fuzzy feeling, she must have blacked out while holding the girls protectively close. Next thing they knew, they were on the shores of the beach near the forest. But there was no cabin or buildings, either way, they were here now after following the path through the wood. They had lost their breathing apparatuses that she discovered in a large wooden crate on the beach ,half sunken in the sand, but managed to stay low to the ground and made it through the thickness of the clouds that became clearer as they came upon rolling hills of many flowers and grass covered knolls.

Down below the bench and swings where they were peacefully sat laid a large oval shaped pond that seemed to be an out crop of a rather  larger body of water. Suddenly both girls went running giggling and laughing with their hair flying in the breeze down close to the pond. Charice hollered at them to slow down. As they both went down and around the outer edge of the pond they quick as a wink turned into two dogs barking and running. We found ourselves running after them. as we both turned the edge of the pond we found ourselves caught up in a warm whirlwind that was gently lifting us higher and higher. I could see through the torrent of the wind the pond and lands far below us where we were sitting . I held on tight to Charise ,as not to lose her in the torrent of wind. We had lost sight of the girls , or dogs. Charice , began to weep upon my shoulder. Time was not right, I had sensed something wasn’t right. it seemed to throw us to and fro many times, but gently. Slowly the winds calmed and seemed to be lowering us to somewhere. As the winds dispearsed we found our selves in a town or village with no people. There was no color to anything we saw with our eyes, all was like in one of those old black and white movies. Greys and black and white with hues of light and dark light. All I could imagine as I spoke to Charise was that the funnels she had first experienced and this one as well were somehow tied in with the light gates or wormholes we had experienced in space. But these had a purpose which were soon to understand. I had seen a tree near a building. I walked up to it and touched the tip of a wilted twig of a branch, it sprang to life and became fuller, leaves protruded from the branch, green and filled with life, it spread like a virus from limb to limb. Soon the whole tree was growing and started to bloom. I hollered at Charice,  touch something, anything, buildings brush or what ever is in your reach. This town was reacting to us, but why. We’re we a virus, or a hope?

Learning Flight

It was in the early years of my childhood. We lived on a graveled street with one light with a tin cover hanging off of a wooden telephone pole across from our home. On the summers day eve you could almost hear the moths flapping their wings in many various sizes hovering and darting around the light. As kids we would spend darkened evenings playing hide and go seek for as long as we could before parents would be calling us in from the late evening, the pole served as base. All the kids were headed home and I was out by myself in the street, my brother calling me to go along, “I’ll be right there” I would say. I stood out in the silence of the evening staring up at the night sky, the light began to flicker a little, all was quiet. I suddenly heard a whooshing sound, that of a wind that enveloped itself around me warm gentle and inviting, lifting me ever so slightly about a foot off the ground. I shuddered in fear. It then relaxed and slowly let me down. That was scary I had thought. I went home, not mentioning this to anyone. The next day was school, another day in the trenches. We went kicking our way through the maple leaves that had begun to fall as autumn grew closer. After school we walked home as usual with friends, everyone was still excited about going out and playing another round of hide and seek in the evening hours. Now most of the boys were a little older than I, I was the younger one.

After homework, chores and evening meals we all agreed to meet at the pole. Olly, Olly, In come free was the sounds that night, along with the laughter, giggling and frolicking. Soon it was time to go in. I let all go before me, as I still had thoughts of the night before. Did it really happen, perhaps again? After all left I stood out by the lamp pole awaiting, and waiting, soon the sound came again, speaking to me as a whooshing or whirring noise but not that others could hear. It wrapped around me again. Warm, fuzzy feeling, comfortable it slowly lifted me, I sensed it wanted me to out stretch my arms from my sides, which I did. Soon I was up in the air ten, then twenty or thirty feet. It slowly moved forward moving me with it. I found myself trying to balance myself, left and right, upward and downward trying to avoid telephone wires. I heard my brother calling me. he was looking around the street for me. he went in , then the funnel cloud slowly released me to the ground and I ran home. I now had a secret that no other would know. I had to keep it to myself no matter what.

In the following nights i would make a daily stop in the evening by the pole. A few nights had passed and i was beginning to doubt my experiences. One evening i told my mother i was going to spend the night over at a friends home. Before i headed toward his house i stopped at the pole. It was around 9 pm and the evening was upon us. With no one in sight i stood in the middle of the graveled street. With in minuets i heard the wooshing of the wind which slowly embraced me . Raising me up i started flying forward, left then right adjusting my self to fend off any accidental awkwardness. I moved high above the wires, then above houses and trees soon i found my self headed towards the center of town. There was a person on a third floor hanging from a window. I soared over and under them giving a boost up. They could not see me, but it felt good to offer assistance. I then flew over to a flick of tall cedar trees, behind them was a very old victorian mansion. It looked deserted, i stopped and landed at the base of a very old large maple or oak tree. Looking around i saw a metal box near the trunk of the tree half buried. Inside it was a key. I took it to the front door of the house, opened the door. Inside were very hold rugs and furniture. I kept hearing sounds eminating from upstairs that seemed to bekon me. Walking up the old spiral staircase i came to a room and opened up the door. In the back off the room was a large full length mirror caged in a frame of wood with esquisite carving, i looked in the mirror and saw something evil, scared i turned and ran down the stairs and out of the house. What i saw reminded me of a hooded witch from movies or the  like of which i had never seen. I once again became embraced by the wind which took me back home. Only now i had become myself again, no longer a child but a fully grown man. The sun was just beginning to rise. I had learned, or should I say was shown  the secret of flight. Then there before me was Charice with her beaming smile. She said hello, i did what you told me and touched some shrubs. They started turning bright colors , bloomed , then next thing I knew I was caught up in that warm wind that whisked me here. Tom started thinking, this wind must have something to do with flight,time and space. Very odd indeed. He grabbed the hand of Charice  and walked with her explaining about this particular time and space and how he was raised in this area as a child. He took her to show her the forests that eventually would become freeways and cement everywhere. He told her of the wildlife that was no more in the area such as beavers, deer, and bright red giant tree squirrels.  As they strolled along the streets of his past he showed her plane wrecking yards, garages of very old vehicles, and old victorian homes that would eventually be demolished in the name of progress. Yea, right he thought to himself, progress and where it may be taking us all. As Charice walked with Tom she thought what a beautiful place this was and what was to become of it. Charice then missed her children, thinking of where they may be and hoping for the best. Then as they were walking down a street called Webster street the warm whooshing wind came down upon the two of them and next they found them selves in the woods of Trappist 1f where Toms adventure had started. As they stood in the forestation of this planet they went to seek out the whereabouts of Avanette and Peter. They wandered for a day or two and happened upon a hamlet of sorts. Huts made of natural fibers and stones of the forest floor in a multitude of earthy colors and hues. saying hello to those they met they eventually came upon the hut of Avanette and Peter whom were now married with a child of their own. My gosh Tom cried out, how long have I been gone? Peter told him it has been just over three years. Tom dropped to his knees and wept. What is wrong Charice spoke to him, Tom said it’s this damned time and space thing. It is going to be the death of me. Peter now took Tom aside and said, walk with me, there is some one I want you to meet. They walked for a few hours and followed a path of cobblestone over a creek and up to a small house of stone built into the base of a very old and very large mushroom stump over twenty feet high. they came up to the door very awkward in shape with a small little window in it. Peter knocked upon the door and a very small man with a long pointy hat answered it and greeted Peter and Tom with open arms. Welcome , Welcome to my humble home, good, good, very good to see you again Peter. The little man introduced himself as Maldy. A long pointy nose with a large pair of spectacles which laid square across his brow with his bushy eyebrows. A very delightful fellow indeed with a smile that stretched clean acrossed his face.

Peter told him how I had been feeling, about the time and space thing and it’s effects upon me. Maldy said oh yes, quite sure you know, i have seen this before ,yes many times before. I have a fix for this. Tom, remember back to the time you landed upon this world? Crashed you did, remember the creatures you saw in that strange large tree. You thought you did of how they reminded you of large squirrels from your home planet. Remember seeing the fruit nuts they were eating like large pine cone shaped they were. Tom said yes, but how did you; never mind that Maldy said. Just go get me three of those fruits and bring them back here tomorrow and we shall solve your riddle. For you have places to go and people to help. With that they both thanked Maldy and said they would see him tomorrow. With that Tom told Peter that tree was may miles , at least three days travel time away. Peter said I know of one closer, so they went to get the fruit. In a matter of hours they had gotten the fruit and were on their way back to the village. They greeted Charice and Avanette and child back at the hut. Will sitting and eating, Tom had asked Peter and Avanette where did all the people come from, Peter said they had just came upon it in their travels. The hamlet had greeted them with open arms and invited them to stay so stay they did.

The following day they traveled back to Maldys hut, gave him the fruit and he said excellent, very good indeed it is. He peeled it quickly and put the bulky part of it in a small oven and cooked it for several minuets , then gathered some herbs from a few different bottles put them all together in a large mortar and with the pestle ground and crushed all together, then added it into a large mug with some dandelion wine, mixed it well and told tom to drink it. Tom said What? Yes, drink you must, all gone, all gone, drink till it is upside down. Tom did as he was told, Peter stood by his side. He swallowed it down like a horrible tasting swill he had ever had then slammed down the mug and stood still for a  moment and all that came out of his mouth was strange, feel stange says I. Then he dropped like a rock to the floor. When he awoke he found himself on upon Maldys bed with his feet hanging over the end of his bed by about a foot and a half. Now that was strange he said. It was like everything was going past him as he slowed in time but saw everything going much faster past himself. Within the hour his feet were no longer hanging over the bed. He had grown shorter by about eleven inches. Is this supposed to happen he had asked Maldy , yes he spoke, all is as it should be. You have become one of the order and you shall begin now to understand you will of time, space and that which surrounds us. You shall hear the wind speak to you, and you it. Become friends you will Maldy spoke. But upon seeing Charice, Tom hoped should would understand. Maldy spoke, where there is love there is faith and hope there is, understanding is part of love is not? When Tom saw Charice her jaw had dropped, but  the smile was still there as was the lookin her eyes. Maldy asked to speak with Tom alone. He had told Tom that with the change he would have to help others he would, as that is the cost of the change for him. Maldy told him when the time was right he would return to normal, it may be months or years but that was the cost of the insight it was. So Tom in turn had to speak to Charice and explain. It was saddening to her but she said she would wait and stay and help with Avanette and Peters lives while seeking her daughters.