Unknown conseqiences

Her name and present whereabouts is totally unknown to me. But the memory lay hidden within the deep grey matter we call a brain. I do remember getting an address to write her of which i never did. Being a stupid age of fifteen years old and knowing that you knew it all, and of course…not!  I had carefully laid a plan in my head to run away. Unconcerned about who it would impact or effect, i gave and felt no feelings of remorse,  thought, nor emotional attribute toward my actions. It was if I was twenty four and on my own.
The start if all of this stemmed from which I believe at this present time to be a form if ADHD. But may have been brought on by the peer pressure that was beset upon me by local older boys. It all started selling by the assigned nick names that we had given one another. Mine came upon me by one the of the older kids older brother. I was an over weight preteen and most all the other boys in our neighborhood were olden than I. They were playing a game of basketball and one of them had to go home so Tom’s brother had me take his place. When i made a basket he said, “Way to go Lumpy”, and , well that’s how my nickname came about. After that I had felt accepted by the older crowd. Unfortunately things changed with the moving in of a family that would change our peacefull neighborhood and myself.
        Peer pressure seems to be a good tool to some, for me ; well I had been on the opposite receiving end, and being the younger one of the neighborhood kids and not having a father around to teach me differently , I took it with a grain of salt. With that being said and the fact that i dropped out of school because of the combination of peer pressure and being unable to focus on my work had contributed to my thoughts of having ADHD in later years.
       Periods of my being peer pressured into doing wrongful and hurtful things caused this 15 year old boy to get in trouble with the law and a couple years later i would be on my way to California on my own at 17 years old.
        At some point i had aquired monies from some point, climbed aboard a bus for downtown Seattle and went directly to the greyhound bus terminal at 7th and Stewart. Not quite sure on how to get bused to Redondo California, I purchased a ticket to get me to Los Angeles. After a very long bus ride I ended up at the greyhound bus terminal in LA at 3 A.M. in the morning with suitcase marked ” The Worldly Goods” , (after an old bands name), in one hand ,  and a guitar in the other. A babe in the woods I had thought.
        I first started wondering how i was going to get to Redondo Beach. I checked with a Cab driver and he said he would get me there in trade for my guitar, I declined. Next I asked a police officer directions to take a bus, he looked at me strangely and asked what I was doing on the street at that hour, I explained i was visiting a freind, after  a little bit he gave me directions and told me to stay away from the cab’s. I finally boarded a bus for Redondo and was on my way. In about an hour I was let off near Venice Beach about 6A.M.and i spotted a run down hotel and got a room for a week. Now it was time for some rest.
“Becoming a Beach and Bum”
Now here I was, a naive seventeen year old boy with just a few bucks in his pocket, enough to get a bottom room in a run down dingy hotel on Venice beach by the pier on the bottom floor for a week. What i was going to do to pay for rent for the next weeks rent I had no idea.

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