The look at the green grass laid out before me as I slowly meandered in to the park , as though it was a morning mist breaking off from a cloud bank. And the sight of an older wooden log cabin dance hall with an open entrance, void of  doors and windows and with out shutters nor glass, but filled  with people and music flowing freely out of the building’s juke box arose my curiosity.
As I slowly walked up the wooden steps I began to notice the stirring of the crowd within.
I walked inside and strolled around while listening to the music. I wandered over  to one of the opened windows and leaned against the edge while gazing upon  the slowly changing night sky.It was that evening that I fell in love with calmness of the view of the lake with it’s row boats green and white pulled up upon the beach while the moonlight and the night sky glistened upon the shore.

While gazing out the window I looked out to the Northwest and there floating in the sky was a planet with it’s rings encircling it , and just beyond that was another planet. So close to the earth one could almost reach out and touch it. I turned and saw that no one else was even looking or paying attention this, an eventful evening for sure. Then it was morning. I , standing alone in the dance hall at the same window looking down towards the beach I saw a woman swinging , watching her two young girls playing and frolicking at the waters edge on this, a sunny day of remembrance. I slowly strolled down to the area where she was sitting gazing at her girls. I introduced myself to her as Henry, and she replied hello and told me her name was Charisse. I asked if I could sit and take in the view, she smiled and said that would be fine. As we watched the girls play something strange happened , the girls were changing into two dogs. I could clearly see and hear Charisse start hollering and running down to them. I also accompanied her , we chased the two dogs to a point where Charisse had stopped, knelt down and was sobbing. I tried consoling her, and swore I would not give up helping her find her children.

The evening mist gathered momentum  coming over the lakes water. As we stood up in hopes of catching a glimpse of the dogs,  a warm wind encircled us, gently caressing us and lifting us up in the air as it grew larger in strength.

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