A bend in the graveled dusty road led me to a pile of wrecked air craft. These were not just any aircraft, these were B17’s, B29’s and others that I could not identify. The fuselages were all cut up, forward, mid , and aft sections riddled with bullet holes all over the place, including the […]

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Unknown conseqiences

Her name and present whereabouts is totally unknown to me. But the memory lay hidden within the deep grey matter we call a brain. I do remember getting an address to write her of which i never did. Being a stupid age of fifteen years old and knowing that you knew it all, and of […]

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The look at the green grass laid out before me as I slowly meandered in to the park , as though it was a morning mist breaking off from a cloud bank. And the sight of an older wooden log cabin dance hall with an open entrance, void of  doors and windows and with out […]

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Pennys to Remember

John, a gardener at heart kept fit by tossing the soil and planting gardens in his yard. often going on walks to the local coffee shop and Deli where he sat with other folks and chatted while having breakfast and a warm cup of dark roast. A few were ex- military veterans enjoying one anothers […]

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